August, 2017:   Loren Platzman, a founder and designer of What’s My Note? was interviewed by FloVoice online magazine.   Watch the interview here.

June, 2017:  We have released Version 3.0!   New features include a track bubble that shows what note is currently playing, and the ability to capture a page of music with a single photograph.

May, 2017:   We have released Version 2.1!   New features include support for scores with missing clefs, piano scores with lyrics, and additional Android models.

February, 2017: We have released Version 2! New features include record/playback and import music from PDF files.

February, 2017: In a review of sheet music reader apps, Christopher Russell of Technology in Music Education had some nice things to say about us.

January, 2017: Promotional video by Girls Quartet